Character description

Machine (Ma): Being the infinite body in which these concepts are formed. (maah): emergent, living space[place] between all beings.

Interior (I): The emerging I-not-I: An amniotic-like environment. Exterior (E): Being the body/voice these concepts are transmitted through.

Origin (O:O): The many beginnings

There is the potential for each character to be played by a group (Directions for the performers are given in parenthesis. A selection may be read aloud if required)

Performing suggestions.

(There is an imaginary five dimensional space or hypercube which functions as a kind of jig through which all characters may be considered and played: A planet. A priestess. A patient. A prisoner. A cyborg.

These characters are communicating through resonating fragments of material such as the text, music, movement, song, space, costume, light etc.which can connect viscerally rather than through a linear chronological choreography or narrative.

It is possible to layer phrases of text, action and visual material to develop a rhythmical bass-line for the piece. The performance is held within an original musical soundscape and a fluid landscape of projected visual imagery which may respond to 'mo-cap' or bio feed-back technology.

The performer is attempting to embody the matrix of concepts through a kind of performance meditation, as if she is a living prism; Receiving, echoing and reflecting its multiple aspects simultaneously through her own live performing experience. The witness is the Sun.

The feeling- thinking body is always searching for the centre of gravity of her own experience while doing the actions of transceiving. Her action-performance simultaneously generates the energetic texture needed to sustain her connection to her emergent feelings and associations while embodying the rhythm of the text. Searching for the shifting points of contact oscillating between experience and imagination she moves continuously towards new meaning.

The performer can use the conceptual architecture to surf the live-stream of impulses and associations flowing through her own body. In this way she may function as the internal focalizer for the with-nesses, and practice the business of making psychic space with them, so they may gain access to their response-ability and place themselves at the centre of their own experience. Ultimately this may become the co compositional force which emphasises the immediacy of action and move towards co-creating the evolving relation-scape we are in.)

“A live conduit with multiple, simultaneous origins leading into the meaning of the work by coding the boundaries of it. A beginning at the beginning and a beginning at the end”. - (Alexis Clancy-CERSA Paris 2016)

CERSA. Paris 2016