A Countable Transparency

A Countable Transparency is a relational performance installation which proposes a type of choreographic invitation to move, to reflect, to play…. and provide the conditions to nurture social relations in response to participation. A framework supporting movement as an embodied encounter with the environment.

Participants will be invited into the space, to play with balloons, explore, find paths and ways to relate. The human body is a collaboration of life forms, winning and losing battles for territory and energy at every moment.

Space is a continuous flow alive with interactions: Moving through and into the body. This is a space to reflect on the subtle relationships between moving bodies; a space to consider ourselves as a vast inter-connected body of water;(if we think of the skin as a perceptive organ rather than a boundary we can shift the thinking about separation into one of how we might be connected).

A space to notice the moving body as a mode of thinking. A kind of choreographic playground producing intricate strategies of avoidance and engagement. This gently shifting landscape invites us to experience our relationship to the bodies within it’s composition and our role in shaping it. A live process demonstrating how we effect our ecology and the recursive nature of an evolving, relational world.