Moving Not Moving. go.

lying on my back. soften to the ground. warm back, negotiating the new layers of resistance, inviting my muscles to melt into the ground.....water, heat, breathe. Exhale and surrender to the space beneath me. Water, warmth, surrender. Contemplate letting go, releasing my weight, accepting the support the ground has to offer. Rippling through my psychology the obstacles re-flex, and again I negotiate the patterns preventing my relaxation. Don't think now, its the physical act I need to... let go. The thoughts and questions will inevitably come later. Soften hands and feet, tongue and jaw and watery sensation a flood beneath my tongue and it may flow out and trickle down my face, I will endeavor to feel it as it happens. Its only me here, in my barely moving body, humming and pulsing, gentle shifts to release and nervous twitches.  I notice the space above me, between the ceiling and where I perceive my eyes to be and close them and I imagine the infinite. Release upwards and down simultaneously. As long as the breath stays normal, gentle, effortless the body will respond, a simple horizontal.

How easy is my spine? How easy is my jaw? My groin?

And the questions bang through my skull and into my stomach, food, revenge, hurt, to do, to be, how I cope with the overwhelming question of time. When can I work again? Breathe. Here now. release into the floor. There is only now. Fight to be here. Be.