Origin: Response to the Dublin Matrix Meeting. 23.11.2018


In response to Dublin Matrix  23.11.’18, The Lab.


We’ll continue then into the void.

Not pretending anymore that we can see

or feel the shame.

A gentler host in central singularity provides

A short reprieve..

She’ll take the reigns and pull

around so we can feel the movement

Shift the frame infinitely.

Movements not ours to make

so much as to attune to.

Stepping in I step with her

or on

The void now in recursion

has her own sub sonic rhythm.

Deeper listening

Bodies vibrate down to sound

we harness through reverberations

Confounding, once again, the frame which

fails to name us.

Only the darkness propositions light.

Making minor movements to compose the differential.

Releasing ancient voices from their plight, poised indefinitely at the loop.

The matrix resonates her tidal forces to potential,

raging through indifference

to bring us here together with a powerful momentum.

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